The Rumbler versus Combat-R-Zero

a quickie-sketch i cobbled-up for an online fan-art / drawing contest [full info here] - anyone can join :)

on above-left is the "original" pencil-sketch i did on "found print-paper" (ie: page ripped from some random magazine or print - my fav medium :p) ... and inked over with calligraphy-brushed felt-marker/pen (can't survive without it) ... and added shadows with Copic Grey markers (cool tones) ... image was then scanned into my Mac (by my scanner whose dying slowly and can never scan crisp+sharp images to save it's own miserable electronic-life - but i still luvs it lah :p) ... and photoshopped-colored (if i said i ran out of Red-marker ink, would you believe me? but i did! *cough* :p) ... then added text over images in p/s as well (am frustrated i have limited fonts to play with, but alas im too lazy to search and download freeware :p) and the result is image above-right (click on to embiggen, for y'all to point at on your computer-screen and laugh at, tis cool, i know my limitations LOL) ... timeline: an hour? two tops (yes, i may yet attempt to time myself next time, if ever i can remember, but does it really matter? tis just an excuse for me to come up with substandard-doodles, i know LOL) ... yes, photoshop helps make up for loads of skills i do not possess, im afraid ... heh :p


END said…
Hey stop beating up Combat Zero - I like that toy!!!
toysrevil said…
but he missed! LOL
Kidchuckle said…
Cool drawing... I like how you used that background into the illustration

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