Combat-R-Zero by Toysrevil


And so as the deadline drew closer (which has since lapsed), i thought i'd join in the Combat-R-Zero Fanart Contest (for fun) with a last minute doodle (hence the chaotic cross-hatching LOL). Started with a rough pencil base and inked over with various markers and felt-pens, and finished off with a felt-calligraphy pen - then scanned in for coloring in photoshop (FYI - I lurve me my crusty "browned"-papers, especially if they be "old" LOL)


It was either having two different contrasting color-mechas duking it out, or similar colors for a "heightened" sense of chaos - which I finally chose the latter, with a slight tonal-green for both 'bots. Not too happy with my "Action-Smudge / Motion-Blur" tho - but I've gotta stop somewhere LOL


Time taken for base-sketch was about 15-20 minutes, sporadic inking took nearly an hour-half (in-between watching my evening Korean-drama serial on teh telly and having dinner LOL) and final photoshop-coloring took nearly 4 hours! (in between blogging LOL) ... Well, I had fun and I hope the participants did as well? Go Peep the Final Submissions HERE :)


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