a quickie 5-minute pencil base and a 20-minute ink via various pens and felts, followed by a coupla-odd hours photoshop coloring (duration spread out). the intention was to use the yellow CRZ-armor to reinforce the "sunny day out"-feel, which i didn't manage to get from the background - the "sunlight-glare" effect in final image looks like just a bad render, but hey, nothing is ever perfect LOL - altho i do like the 3rd stage image, it just seems a tad "incomplete" ... had wanted to render "mountains" behind CRZ, where he lays upon for a break ... but that would've been stretching it a tad, i reckon ... :)

p/s: the rocket out-back was digitally removed becoz it was the wrong shape! (my excusing being I did this doodle via memory - heh) ... and my previously dead-PC came back to digital-life (after replugging in the main-socket LOL), hence the usage of scanner! (long story). i am happy again :)


Gift Pens said…
Wow this looks incredible!
I have just begun photoshop coloring my art. I find it really difficult and i wish i was at your level already. I really do need to begin to work more, you have inspired me to work harder and to acheive your level of talent.
I think you are extremely talented.

Thank you for the inspiration and for posting your brilliant work!

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