Rest For The Battle Weary


Haven't done much sketches or doodles of late (worth scanning or snapping pics of anyways) - bogged down by self-induced work stress ("pro-bono" since the blog ain't a money churner LOL) and general lack of inspiration or the impetus to pick up a pencil, much less doodle on paper and ink it to the end. But I'm beginning to be drawn to sketching in my books (bought specifically to doodle in, not haphazardly destroy books, nnnoooOOOooooo!) - which reminds me of my wayward youth, content to doodle in school textbooks rather than reading the text itself (I still have pages to prove that too! Yes, I ripped them out and have kept them thru the decades LOL). Anyways, expect more book-page doodles to come-ish :)

Meanwhile, this is titled "Rest For The Battle Weary" - which when started, was supposed to be "Pensive Rest Before The Battle", but somehow did not felt as such after the last inked-line.