About That GOJI Aluminum Print from The Yellow Dino x TOYSREVIL

Released during the Singapore Toy Games and Comic Convention 2012 - exclusively at booth F51, was the first ever "tin" print from TOYSREVIL! The illustration for stared as a inked sketch from myself, which was then in turn vectored into the final incarnation by The Yellow Dino, complete with an ancient traditional Sundanese text used, with the word "dino koneng" up top (which reads "the yellow dino") and down at the bottom reads "coco'oan jahat" (meaning "toys r evil")!

The image is printed on 1mm thick aluminum plates with coating via a UV Material print technique - ie. print first and the paint made dry by ultraviolet lamp - in a production run of only 20 pieces done! The item comes signed by both artists, and numbered (Numbering will be assigned to sequential purchase of the item) - currently available to purchase HERE - Thank you for the support, folks!

Snap of the TOYSREVIL Booth at Artist Alley for STGCC 2012:


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