First Promo Sketch for "Spiked Leathers & Mutant Blood"

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Started a sketch for use to promote a (possible) contest on the TOYSREVIL-blog; "Spiked Leathers & Mutant Blood" - a contest I had dreamt up since 2011, actually! It had a very specific theme to it, and seems NOW would be a perfect time to start it up, if not at quite a short timeline … but we'll see … I need to get me some prize sponsors first, and they are quite crucial to the contest concept I have in mind …

Shown here are (top) early inks on pencil, then added some Copic grey, to finished photoshopped version (bottom) based on images snapped on my iPhone 3! No scanners in this house, unfortunately! LOL

#SpikedLeathersMutantBlood #hengdraw

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on


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