#MarchofRobots: #ABCWarriors by TOYSREVIL

One of my joyful memories of growing up, were discovering and devouring comicbooks, which in turn shaped my life to the here and now (the jury is still out on "for better for for worse" … ;p). From western comicbooks (Marvel, DCs, Dark Horse and numerous other indie brands), to Chinese manhwa (seeing the purdy pictures instead, as my Mandarin-reading prowess were/still-is non-existent, the bane of my Chinese Univrsity-educated parents), and Japanese manga - which came only much later after being translated into English (via VIZ comics) … and then there was the weekly 2000 A.D. from the newsstands - for which I attempted to keepup with, with whatever frugality I could muster - asa student, then unto a working-adult - but alas did not last as long as I would loved to have … due to other developed commitment s (AKA "trading card addiction, and "girls"), and generally of missing too many issues for which the uncle at the newsstand always either said "Issue did not come", or "Issue sold out". The internet was never a factor in this then, like it does now.

Nevertheless, the perennial faves like "Judge Dredd", "Rogue Trooper" and "Strontium Dog" had my interests and attention, chief of whom were "ABC Warriors", with my fav run featuring the art of Simon Bisley, who in turn shaped my illustration prowess (AKA "wannabe doodling") with super deformed anatomically till today LOL

This particular series of #MarchOfRobots, is dedicated in homage to #ABCWarriors, with a slight interpretation - featuring principal characters I had identified with; Hammerstein, Joe Pineapples, Deadlock, Black Blood, Ro-Jaws and Mongrol.


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#marchofrobots Day.11 #ABCWarriors featuring #BlackBlood #hengdraw #sketchery #inkrunningdry

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Might do this up proper when I have the chance…

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All 'March Of Robot' doodles first presented on my Instagram @toysrevil, and as well uploaded HERE in my dedicated Facebook album :)


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