#MarchOfRobots 2015 = Completed!

March 31st = the very last day for the 2015 Edition of #MarchOfRobots, and I'd managed to fulfill all 31 sketches (realizing I drew a lot of "half-bodies" - I am such a cheater! ;p). Nevertheless, it has been a fun and enriching ride, and I hope to get better - and draw more FULL BODIES - next year! :p

Meanwhile, all instagrammed pics on @toysrevil have since been uploaded on my TOYSREVILART Facebook album, and as well featured on my sketch-blog. Thanks for viewing, folks! And thanks for indulging me :)

And my final #MarchofRobots sketchery 31/31 - gotta run, see ya'll next year! Haha #hengdraw

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