My #Inktober2015 Day 1-10

And my sketchery of Vitaly Bulgarov's #ScoutDogs (produced by GUMS Production) completes the 10th (Plus 1 x redo) in the first series of Inktober 2015 challenges!

This particular series essentially features my renditions / depictions of TOYS found around my workdesk, with this theme going to be throughout my Inktober-tasks, just in different approach to sketchery (my next series style is sneaked at the image posted below :p).

All images can be seen via hashtag #inktoberheng2015 or head on to to view all and for the rest of #Inktober2015!

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My #Inktober rendition of @thedanielyu's #LunarCreep for #Inktober2015 Day5 :) #hengdraw #sketchery

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#Inktober Day2 featuring #BlackSeed's #CocaMonster vinyl #inktoberheng2015 #hengdraw

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The Month of October has begun, which means it's a month of daily inked drawings for #INKTOBER! This year I've decided to keep it extremely low key and fuss free, and will attempt to sketch a month's worth of TOYS, currently in my collection - it could be around my workdesk, or within hoarded treasure carton boxes - and it could be cloned sketches, or re-imaginings of … and I'll start the festivities with a quick doodle of Cacooca's FOX resin figure!


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