#ToyPeople for #INKtober 2014

In place of a Inktober-Q&A feature today, I'd like to share with you folks something that might give you a little kick out of seeing them here on this (mostly) "art toy"-blog … #ToyPeople is a micro series whereby I pay homage and made fanart of a few toy characters from the scene. Can you recognize them? ("Answers" at the bottom, so no, you don't get a prize lol).

Oi! Cthulhu by Daniel Yu
Captain Maxx from Mark Nagata x Max Toy Co
"Kipp" from Doubleparlour's Merryners
Adios from tokidoki
Fire Catzilla from Joe Ledbetter
**Check out these pics and some behind-the-scenes . making-off images HERE on my Facebook album :)


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