#CuteorDeath: The Story of How My #Inktober Day 23-31 Got "Hijacked"!

(Above: first sketch for this series, but "rejected" :p)

The "story" of how I completed my Inktober 2015 can quickly be summed up as "last minute change, last minute hustle" … and if this was a client charging money for work? I would be smiling with a bonus for the year end! But alas, I am doing this for fun and practice, innit? HAH

(For this series, I penciled them first before hard inks)

My toysketch project took much longer than anticipated, dragging out a week for two near-completed pieces (I would say "completed" only if I clear-coat them when I go buy the sealant-spray aarrrgggghhh), and would hardly have helped in any case to complete my Inktober within the month of October - a tasked timeline in which I've set for myself, and I intend to stick to :)

I had opened a "Call for Entries" for submissions on the TOYSREVIL-blog, for an online webzine I had hoped to be "published" by Halloween night, similarly themed (I had done previous year's with a Horror Issue and had hoped to continue doing this as an annual thing…) … but submissions this year could not justify an entire 'zine, so I decided to prop it up with drawings I will do/did …

I call these my #CUTEorDEATH sketches - as that was the "theme" I had asked contributors to interpret, and I had chosen to interpret them "literally"...

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The characters I had decided to go with, are classic movie horror figures known to most and all, given a slight "twist", with the re-imagined as "babies"! The tagline I came up with, was: "Monsters Were Once Babies Too…"

2 x drawings of each character were used to make a single published page - a "Baby" (or kid/child) and an "Adult", with the baby-version spotlighted, while the hastily sketched "adult" version blurred in the background and opacity knocked back in photoshop.

I felt they needed text / taglines to tied the concept in, so I went with "cliches" that came from the top of my brains :p

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"Sketching" alone is doable with pen and paper, but putting them together on the laptop is another whole challenge altogether …

Since I did not have a working scanner, each sketched page was photographed on my mobilephone, then sent via email in said mobilephone to my laptop (FYI: my laptop seems busted, as I can no longer download images from phone to lappie…), then mod them together in P/S, with the "Stage #3" webzine pages shown here as well.

The baby sketches were first penciled (done in a single night), then inked in two days (split one morning, and an entire next day), the adult characters in a single afternoon, and all shot and P/Sd in a single afternoon-to-night.

Somebody's been a bad, bad boy .... #CUTEorDEATH

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The agony of coverting them into PDFs and uploading them on Issuu was another whole entire round of anguish, but nevertheless they have since gone "live", and can be viewed here (Screengrabs HERE).

I am very satisfied with what I had done, within the breakneck time … I reckon I'll try not to do this sorta thing again in the future LOL

*Full singular images have since been uploaded HERE on Facebook.
*Full Inktober IG-posts HERE on FB.

FYI: The inclusion of "Pumpkin Killer" was purely for Halloween purposes! :)