My #Inktober Day 21-22: A short-lived #toysketch project for 2015

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The way I had initially "planned" it, Day 21 to the end of October was to have been dedicated to sketching on blank DIY toys - something which I've always wanted to do, since I started doing Inktober, but had neither the courage nor felt I had enough pieces top attempt a full month's worth of Inktober #toysktches!

I had then embarked on this scheme because:

01. I realized I may not be able to get 31 x pieces of blank DIY figures - and they HAD to be different makes (not like, 10 x pieces of Micro Munnys etc), otherwise I do not see the point of doing this project (unless of course someone sponsors me, then I'll happily do 31 of the same pieces etc LOL).

02. As a 10 x piece series, maybe it would have been an easier challenge to begin with, ya know?

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A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

And so the story goes, I begun with a "CE Buddy" (from MAFIA Factory in Thailand) and ended with a "Laugh Now" (from Apologies To Banksy), because;

A. I took too long to complete just one figure, nearly a week to complete both figures - over estimated my abilities, truth be old …

B. I chose to stop, and begun on another series of sketches predominantly for my webzine - which I had hoped to publish online by Halloween - which saw not enough submissions to justify making a zine, so I propped it up with my own drawings! More on that later …

The figures were not primed in any way, before doodling begun on them - which worked decent on the vinyl based figure for Laugh Now, while it might be a slight challenge on the ABS plastic surface for the CE Buddy, as there might be smudging, versus the vinyl which absorbs the ink more, but is prone to fading in constant contact with my finger tips.

In regular circumstances, I would prime the figure first with at least a base coat of primer, before beginning on it ... but this time round I was going for direct contact and speed in attempt, and not want to include the hassle. And I couldn't find my primer spray at home ~ LOL. That's the problem as I do not regularly custom toys, and don't keep these tools lying around, and store them away somewhere in my mountain of hoard hahaha

I would consider it the next time I attempt a project this, most likely for the non-vinyl figures.

I had used straight-up regular stationary store-bought alcohol-based "permanent" marker pens, with a single pen (two nip heads) for lines and details, and a single broader/bigger nipped marker pen to fill in the larger spaces of black.

I had in my mind Sharpies and such posh pens, but again, this time around I had wanted to see if regular store-bought pens worked as well, as to me the DIY concept should work for the "masses", rather than for select groups of "already artists" and know specifically what select stationary is needed to pen the figures ... but that's just me trying out my theory :)

Embedded here are IG-videos of my two toysketches, with more images viewable on TOYSREVILART Facebook (dedcated album) and blogposts on TOYSREVIL: WEREWOLF + ZOMBIE MONKEY MUMMY.

I definitely will be revisiting this notion again next year, but will HAVE to dedicate more time to doing it, pre-preparing it, rather than doodle on the day itself! But then again … ayt the same time, I also hope to practise enough that I COULD do a toysketch a day, by next year anyways …. well, at least that is the challenge I have set for myself :)


Filtered on IG to make them look all-pretty-n-such: