I was working for a local broadcast television mini series back in 2006, and had the opportunity to draw "props" for the cast - who were (fashion) design students - as if it were their own artworks, and in lieu of engaging an actual graphics artist(s), I decided to illustrate them myself (…not that there was any budget to hire other peeps anyways).

Come to think of it, they never really did to see any air-time… hhhmmm

One "style" I had chosen, was to draw things over existing printed pages; over text, over photographs etc … likened to my earlier school-life where instead of listening to the teachers explain the textbooks, I'd literally draw over the pages (I still have some select ripped-out pages kept in my folders, srsly), so it was a nice hark back to the "good old days", evilly jaunting down and reliving memory lane muahahahahahahaaaaaa

Years later, I still draw over printed pages … but perhaps time to draw over my OWN printed text next :)

Shown here are some selected "artwork", with most of them viewable in their own dedicated blog called REMIXOMATIC :)

Above: I want to turn this guy into a "toy" … Can anyone out there "help" me? :)


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