#BattlefieldBots for #marchofrobots2016 (Day 7-12/31)

In an attempt to catch up to my woefully lapsed daily doodles for #MarchofRobots, here is my next series dubbed "#BattlefieldBots" - with these autonomous war-makers scuttling thru the battlefield armed to their nuts-n-bolts with missiles, bullets and a single mentality and mission to lay waste to the other side! "DESTRUCTION" is their Game and "DEVASTATION" is their Aim!

Partially inspired by the "Heavy Object" anime I am currently following / watching, I'd envision a day when "war" will be waged not using human "lives" in the front lines, but by robots! But does that mean "robots" have no feeling(s) and that's it's okay to blast them to pieces?

Scroll down to see the individual inked sketches, as well the above-group snap has each robot's designation/codename since added to their chasis :)



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