Re-Designing for "Reign of Maxx"

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Shown above is a sketch that is a long time coming, having been stuck in my mind since my first "Reign of Maxx" pinup done for Max Toy Co's "LADY MAXX" comicbook, where the young hot-headed "Captain Maxx" takes on his ex-mentor "Eyezon" (who is just about to eviscerate Maxx's chest here!), in my alternate tale of the space adventurers! One day soon I hope to get back into the sequentials I had imagined ...

Seen below this is a flashback-look at the pin-up page in the indie comicbook - circa 2012 - and tis my "first published" work too! I am proud of that, a wish come true, even if no one picked up the print I made of the drawing :p ... (which you can still purchase here online now - comes with the comicbook too! *nudge-nudge*).

And seen below are a few more sketches, re-designing Mark Nagata's Captain Maxx suit, which I think now is overdoing it (actually reminds me of "Commander Steel" from DC Comics lol), and even Eyezon - giving him a bionic arm (probably lost ruing the battle which cost Maxx's father's life too…).

All this is done in "fun" and interest on my end, with no tangible destination planned, at this point in time, except for my own interests :)


A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on