#Inktober Day 10 - "JUMP"

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One of the main hurdles I'd faced attempting to regain my mobility post-Stroke, was “balance”, where standing on one leg, was ever the challenge that took harder to conquer than "walking".

In the beginning I could not even last 2 seconds without falling ... Which was tricky whenever I needed to step over a hump... Learning to not shuffle and lifting my legs to take my steps, is still a constant effort, 5 odd years after :p

I have not taken to "run" but more manic fast-walking hahah but I have not ever "jumped" since Stroke too.

#Inktober Day 10 prompt theme is "JUMP", and I will always be reminded of my lack of physical ability, but it's okay, at least I can stand on one leg for a slightly longer time now :)

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