#Inktober Day 6 - "Hidden"

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#inktober Day 6, theme being "Hidden" ... which I interpret as "tears".

For the earlier part of my adult life, I hardly shed any tears for anything much, remembering as far back as the late 80s for not being able to pass my 'O' levels, to the death of my beloved grand-aunt, thru "life" actually, or more likely they were "hidden tears", as I'd not shown them in public or private at any instance, having grown up to "suck it all up and move on", the seemingly macho-Chinese-man stoic mentality hahaha

It was not until the trauma of my Stroke in 2010 - which truthfully not much tears were shed too, but it opened up "something" within me ... And especially the last few years, with the passing of my Dad, even the dog and cat, I'd openly brawl at the slightest visual stimuli in movies, to shows, and yes even anime.

No longer are they "hidden", I've become a sobbing mess!

But you know what? I am absolutely fine with it, because it shows that I can still "feel", and I no longer need to hide my tears, be they happy or sad sobs hahaha



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