#inktober2016 Day 4 - "Hungry"

For now I’ve decided to separate my Inktober and Drawlloween sketches, and for Day Four, decided to try out the Inktober Prompt (issued by Jake Parker), with a result I’m not particularly jazzed about, but am trying to embrace as it had been a “spur of the moment” doodle inspired by the theme “(Still) Hungry”!

Yearly, I have been planning themed pockets of about 4 to 5 drawings each pocket (makes it easier to hashtag as well, I admit), but maybe this year, I’ll just with whatever insides me (which truthfully is far and few these salad days, I’m afraid) … so I may just lean on the prompt (seen below) and see where that takes me, I suppose…


Inktober Prompts