#Inktober2016 Day 5 - “SAD”

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My #inktober2016 sketch for Day 5, with the prompt theme being "SAD".

"Sad" because, the fact was, when I was recovering in the hospital for Stroke back in 2010, I also had at the same time, dental problems! But due to me taking blood-thinner medication, I could not visit the Dentist.

And there I laid in hospital, with half my body paralysed AND a massive toothache, which eventually led to my teeth growing out of place (gums problem), to my current state of mangled teeth that I no longer smile with an open mouth for when taking photographs.

The big GAP in the drawing is for when I go take my middle bottom tooth out (This week perhaps) ... Not only am I physically altered due to Stroke, now my teeth are failing me!

I have made peace with my eye-patching, and getting fat as a hog, but my teeth? Don't be expecting me to greet the world at large too often when I pull out that damn shaking tooth... "Sad", right? #truestorybro #inktober #hengdraw #toysrevilart


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