#Inktober2016 Day 8 - "Rock"

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Saying “Surviving my Stroke" in 2010 was "life-changing", would be an understatement in my life. And the rocks that anchored me from drifting into total darkness, was my immediate family. The love and care they showered on me was beyond reproach. And my main rock amongst the #hengfam, with my late Dad. He was with me every step of the way during my rehab.

Dad had been a retiree by then, and I was homebound, and we would spend near every single day with each other, talking, sharing, discovery new eating places while I was on my weekly acupuncture sessions, and decades of being a wayward Son - always working or with ex-gfs - is something I'd not experience in my adult life, and will forever treasure and cherish.

Until time came when I could walk without my walking cane, accompanied Dad to his chemo, and pushed pa's wheelchair to his subsequent radiology sessions... He had been my rock of ages, and I can only hope I was a small rock whom he could latch unto, as he slipped further away from us, until cancer took him forever.

This is my interpretation of #inktober prompt for Day 8: "Rock". Am feeling kinda beat up about myself for not having a stronger foundation or drawing skill to draw a much better portrait of Pa, but knowing him, he'd very kindly thank me for trying, and encourage me to go forward, as he had been, walking alongside me when I was using my walking cane.

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