#Inktober2016 - Day One

Calling it close for my first #Inktober sketch of 2016, with an hour left before the clock struck midnight, heralding Oct 2nd! I’d opted to stay true to the clock (Singapore-time, fhanks), with a minimal opportunity to “cheat”, as I might have had in previous years/instances, because, where’s the fun and challenge in that? LOL

Anyway, started Day One with a blank slate, not planning what to draw, only starting when pencil was put to paper … but I knew I’d wanted to try ink washes, and I’d purchased a A5 Sketch Book (stated “(for) Paint” at the back too) at my recent trip to Batam, especially for Inktober hahaha

I’d thought not to “practice” before Day One, because I’d also wanted to start Day One “as-is”, and hope to improve and get myself into the groove as the days in October moves forth … so scroll down to see my Day One of #Inktober2016, chronicled in Instagram snaps!

#inktober #inktober2016 Day1 (4/6). Darkening the shadows. #hengdraw #toysrevilart

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