#Inktober2016 Day Seven - "Lost"

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Remembering the days where I was a decent heavy smoker, and where I'd grab a stool and go sit right outside of my office, before a open car park lot to light my cigarette, when I needed to solve or create a particular thing/inatance, and where I could literally get "lost" in my own thoughts, and amidst the haze, be able to clear my mindscape of the white noise, and CREATE/SOLVE.
Having stopped smoking cold turkey since waking up from my Stroke in 2010, I do not miss the habit of smoking, truth be told... But I do miss being able to escape the white noise, and "create"... No, I don't think I need to smoke to "create" anything, nor will it solve my problems, but...

This is my Day 7 #inktober2016 prompt "LOST" :)



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