#Inktober2016 - Day Two / #Drawlloween2016 Day One

inktober day 2

Discovered the #Drawolleen October daily sketch project earlier today, and contemplated combining both Inktober and the Halloween-themed project together But perhaps that might be too slack an endeavour to tag both on a single drawing hahaha

But thought I’d give it a go anyways, based on a series of daily “themes” set (Inktober also has one this year too), starting with “Return From The Dead” - which I’ve interpreted into “Honey, I’m Home!” (same difference hahahaha).

So this is Inktober Day Two, and Drawlloween Day One! Confusing? Yeah, I think so too …. hahaha

And yes, confirmed as of this the paper stock is too blardy thin to take water washes, with the paper all warped and none too friendly to what I’d hope to try this time round … have to consider finish a new paper stock, or change direct of rendering …

Draw-On, people!


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