October 2016 Ends & My #Inktober & #Drawlloween Is Incomplete

It really should not have come a a surprise the ice cappuccino spilt when it did, as the glass slowly toppled on one side, and all I could do was watch it happen, as I stood exhausted waiting just to sit down, have a drink and a cake, and gain back some semblance of energy - since list to a torrid' sleeping problem in the morning, stressed from the sweat and being in a crowd (which I thought had been better by now), and whatever f**kedup reason I have become too tired to bother with... Thinking back, I was less embarrassed by the spillage on my feet and shoes, but more pissed I couldn't drink my beverage! Hahaha too tired to care otherwise ... On the way home, te taxi Uncle asked me; "you just now drink coffee ah?" And said he could smell it strongly, an I told him I spilt the drink ... And it was ten when I felt truly embarrassed and saddened hahahaha ... 6 years on, since leaving the hospital, I really should not be surprised by the lack of my physical abilities ... Now have to throw bag away too :p #inktober2016 Day 29 prompt "Surprise". #hengdraw #toysrevilart #inktober

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The month of October 2016 had since ended yesterday, and both my Inktober and Drawlloween were left excruciatingly wanting, and devastatingly incomplete.

Following the “sketch prompts” might not have been a good idea, as opposed to setting my own sketch goals and themes? At least I know now it doesn’t “work” for me hahahaha … but then again, maybe this month hasn’t really been an inspiring month, or even the “year”, for that matter …

Truthfully, I think my concept for Inktober - picking at my own personal life - took too much out of me, and “horror-esque” doodles had never really been “my thing” - first time I’m trying this hahaha, although I am having much more fun doing this hahahaha … regardless of whatever reason, I still did not hit my target of 31 x 2 sketches, and have since decided to leave my failure be, and trudge on to the next sketch challenge!

Maybe this time, I should set the challenge for myself first …. Heh.

A few Drawlloweens I managed to squeeze thru the last few days of October tho!