Drawing Lion'O

The urge to doodle a Lion'O from Thundercats crept into my mind this fine evening, and I'd attempted a trio of sketches before keeping my pencils-n-pen, and have since decided they were better off as "sketching exercises" :)

In an attempt to "design" the character, I'd decide to alter the battle armour slightly, while retaining a slightly "adult" version of the character, versus turning him into a "teenager", as the animated series already had - which funnily has etched itself into my memories, of the time when I had thought I bought the DVD series (on discount), brought to the counter, and having found out they were;t from my bag, as the counter dude took it and sold it to someone else (of course a pretty lady) instead! "Tainted" my experience with Thundercats tho :p

Everything was going well until I screwed up the face :( #toysrevilart #hengdraw #thundercats #liono

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