Open The Gates Of Hell

The annual HUNGRY GHOST FESTIVAL / Ghost Month has since started at 10pm on August 21st with the Gates of Hell opened, and will close on September 19th (at 2200hrs), Singapore.

We’ve been told since young to “not step on ashes street side (from burnt offerings)” … to “not swim at night”, to “not staying late after dark” … and I’d personally add “don’t turn your head too quickly when you hear your name being whispered in the dark”… :p

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Re: The doodle featured here

I’ve always thought that the “Gates Of Hell” were actually the Bull-Head and Horse-Face Guardians themselves, morphed into the gate way which opens and closes when the time requires it to … I actually have a whole story related to Chinese Hell conjured up yeeeeears ago, but did not expand upon it too much thru the years, because it felt somewhat “not right”, somewhat “pang-tang” … Influenced much by my visit to HawParVilla’s “10 Stages in the Court of Hell” since youth, I reckon :)



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