#INKTOBER Day 28/31 - “TriPus Bros” (#samesamebutdifferent)

Catching up to my #Inktober2017 with a new subset of my #drawatoy theme: #samesamebutdifferent! This is for “Day 28/31”.

I’d decided on the subject matter being two generations of toy-designs from Mark Nagata at Max Toy Co, with both an early incarnation of his KAIJU TRIPUS, alongside the latest re-designed-kaiju, making perfect sense with them being “kaiju brothers”! And of course the “younger” one is “teasing” his brother!

I had drawn this while waiting for a medical appointment (blue point pen base with brush marker pen finish), so decided to take a couple of “work-in-progress” snaps (in lieu of a time-lapse recording), before the “final” inked version.

Thanks for looking!


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