#INKTOBER2017 Day 18-25 #StarshipTRE

Here is a compilation of my #Inktober 2017 (Day 18-25) featuring the crew-members of my as-yet-named spaceship (which I am calling “#StarshipTRE” for the time being…), with characters inspired by & borne of my current viewing of “Star Trek Discovery” + “The Orville”, with a liberal dose of “Alien Legion” comicbooks from EPIC (I’m ALWAYS a sucker for a “ragtag team of misfits”), each with their own backstory, each connected to a larger story that binds them all together (beyond just being on the same spaceship lol) … one day, I hope to share with everyone what that story is …

I also recognise that this series has turned out to be more about “character design” (for me anyways) as opposed to “showcasing of skills/inkart”, but hey I am just enjoying myself here LOL :p

And this series essentially was the LAST of the sketchery I managed to finished within the month of October 2017. I’ve since decided to drag my Inktober-attempts past the timeline, but at a much more leisurely pace, because I refuse to just give up right now, deadlines” be darned! :p


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