"Binary Awakening" for #MarchofRobots2018 (DRWG09-12)

I had wanted to tag the next series of robots to a similarly themed event - in this case the “Binary Awakening” - where objects both mechanical and non-mechanical had been “awakened” into a state of a autonomous robot module … I’ve completed 4 x robots, to varying degrees of (personal) success, and will contemplate if it’s a theme worthy pursuing somewhen later down the March of Robots-line, but meanwhile, time to start another quartet of robots!

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M.P.U. = “Mobile Projection Unit” for use in combat or urban environments. Former techlife before “Binary Awakening” (“B.A.”): secondary school overhead projector.

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Here to administer insulin injection insulin whenever anyone needs it (or "not") - is the job of “iDoctor”, who before #BinaryAwakening was a non-mechanical insulin injector, but dropped into a electrical-charged vat of unknown toxic waste sludge, laid waste in a laboratory fire, emerged the maniacal mobile needler!

Before #BinaryAwakening, he was just a regular novelty “egg timer”, but it is now the strongest enforcer in MechCity! But you’ll always know when he gets angry and want to plummet something or someone, when his alarm bells chime! DING-DING! TIME TO SMASH!

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Do you know why there are very few trees or shrubbery in MechCity? Thanks to this psychotic unnamed robot! Prior to #BinaryAwakening, he was a kind and mindless grass cutter, but has since reawakened with a bloodlust for felling leaves! It doesn’t care for anything or anyone else tho...


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