"Convenience Bots" for #MarchOfRobots2018 (DRWG05-08)

I'd decided to go for "Convenience Bots" in my second series of MARCH OF ROBOTS sketches for 2018, thinking "smaller" and something I personally would like to see (some of which in my own life, actually) be made, somewhen on the future? Its "all about the future" when it comes to "robots", innit? ... Might have to rethink that in a future series...


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DRWG 05: “GoBot” = An autonomous delivery robot courier door-to-door service, inspired by the “Go-whatever” services in Indonesia/Bandung right now (thanks for the education @marine_ramdhani hahaha)! And sadly I yet again forgot to reconfigure the screen format for this time lapse, even though I reminded myself to before shattering recording this doodle! URGH!

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DRWG06 features a “S.H.S.S”-unit = “Second-Hand Smoke Sucker” whereby an autonomous unit would sense a cigarette smoker in public, and follows said smoker, sucking up his/her second-hand (exhaled) smoke, and even provide a ashtray/rubbish chuck tray whenever he/she has finished their ciggie.

I was inspired today at the local convenience store, when someone else was overheard asking for a pack of smokes, and me remembering buying from this neighbourhood store years ago before my Stroke - they remembered what brand I smoked hahaha (Menthols for a period of time :p) - but I have since stopped buying Nor smoking nearly 8 years ago ... I don’t think they ever did ask me “why” I stopped and I don’t think I’ve ever told them about my Stroke too :p

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DRWG07: “SelfieBot” = self-explanatory! A robot module that follows you around and records every aspect of you as you command it to! “Close-up”! “TOP angled down!” “Highlight my left side only!” - Complete with built-in filters and audio-activated editing - great for single image uploads, or YouTube videos for that upward and constantly mobile mega social influencer that is your cyber life! Colors of your personal unit customisable!

And of course I had to forget configuring the screen format and end up video recording it tilted again ARGH.

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DRWG08: “RestBot” = a literal travelling robot seat, who can sense when someone’s feet or body is tired and needs to sit down and take a break or catch a breath! Comes complete with built-in soothing music tunes, a side rest for beverage or objects to rest on, massage-mode only in select mall modules :)



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