"Death Bots" for #MarchofRobots2018 (DRWG13-16)

For this series of MARCH OF ROBOTS 2018 doodles, I'd decided to do away the time-lapse video recording, and just scribbled straight, with pencil base and a thick black ink marker, which somehow proved to be somewhat daunting in that I lapsed a few days' worth of doodles ... something about a self-set-up discipline taking time-out (it clicked in my mind, anyways :p) ... but nevertheless her are my four "Death Bots"!

At least I had some fun thinking up back stories to these doodles - as part of the "fun" (for myself), as I'd felt it would add to the "aesthetics" (of which I know I am not get at all with :p), so yeah, I selfishly enjoyed myself here :p


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#KillBot Sentry Unit. Shoot first, ask questions never. Shown below is "non-active" / "stationary position" of my #KillBot sentry unit.

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Shown above is the “BashBot” - Breaching Unit (which I posted on Instagram, while below is another depiction of something else on my mind, that looked somewhat dubious, IMO....).

BASHBOT(s) are for generally administering blunt force trauma on non-humanoid objects and barriers... although in the black market, older models have been modded to be bouncers for clubs or robot boxers-n-bruisers for underground battles :)

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“SlashBot” - Stealth Wetworks Unit - for precision slicing / cutting of either biological or non-humanoid objects and barriers ... blade accessories available separately. Possesses zero audio output, with squeak-proof wheelballs, so you’ll never see “her” coming.

In the following two snaps, I decided to "expand" a bit on "Slashbot", for reasons mentioned in the image captions :)

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“BoomBot” - Arial Bombing Unit - functions like a flying drone but instead of surveillance, it is a dedicated bomb carrier and release unit, with distinct precision, including guided bombs autonomous to the drone’s sensors and not remotely controlled.

Once a mission and parameters are set, the robot flyer carries out his Mission with total deniability to the human handler(s). Suggested usage include war zones and urban conflict (law enforcement - adaptable bombs to tear gas etc).

Individual drone units are highly competitive and trade playlists amongst each other tho... yes, there is a fabled “Soundtrack To Carnage”.

Maybe I should have given it a semblance of a "face", so peeps can relate to "robot" versus a "remote controlled machine"? LOL


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