DRWG31 for #MarchofRobots - Thanks For Viewing!

(Original IG image here)

Decided to finish up my last doodle for MARCH OF ROBOTS 2018 with a robot-kitty, going back full one-month-circle somewhat to my first series about "pets" (*This was not planned, BTW* :p), and breathing a sign of "relief" for finally "completing" this sketch-challenge, with a side of "cheats", and attempts at "time-lapse" video recording ... speaking of videos, this is a lookback at the entire 31 doodles (plus some extras and deviations :p) - all penciled and inked on my MUJI sketchbook, which frankly is not wholly wonderful to draw on LOL

Appreciate all the "Likes" on my Instagrams (Hashtagged: #toysrevilmarch2018), and am grateful for the indulgence received :)



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