"Pet-Bots" for #marchofrobots2018 DRWG01-04

And "suddenly the annual "MARCH OF ROBOTS" is upon us! I'd missed out on the start date ("plain forgotten* is what happened) for a couple of days until I saw it drawn and hash tagged in a IG-friend's stream! (Thanks Kim Hu!).

And as you can see for my lack-lustre doodles, I was not prepared for this, and quite frankly I have not been doodling much, since Inktober last year (@.@"), amidst a crippling family health issue (since resolved, thanks) ... and alas, my lack of enthusiasm shows ... maybe I need the distraction now... maybe I need to get back into my groove... and #marchofrobots2018 might just help me do it? Keeping my fingers crossed and ink wet LOL



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