"Rogue Trooper" Project for #MarchofRobots2018 (DRWG17-20)

I'd "deviated" from my robot-sketchery (but tagged #MarchofRobots anyways, as I am shameless :p) to delve into a project I had hoped to restart, from a custom 1/6 from before 2014 (Image below): "ROGUE TROOPER" from 2000 A.D.!

For the purposes of this sketch challenge, and as well to "spice" things up since my last attempt, was to add a 4th aspect to the "robot" items - which previously included "HELM" (the helmet"), "GUNNAR" (the rifle) and "BAGMAN" (the backpack"), and now included a robot "arm"!

The (original) concept for these builds, are that each robot item possesses their own robot-consciousness, and are in conversations with and advise the Trooper (whom I am going to call "Blue" here, because "Mr Obvious") during missions - which I'd always liked about the character!

It was fun while it lasted - and here's hoping they'd become a "toy-reality" soon, instead of being another figment of my imagination living amongst the dream-clouds LOL

All description of the drawing in the image captions, thanks! And you can view them all on Instagram under the hashtag: "#toysreviltrooper" :)




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