Drawing VILLAINS for #TeamIllo #superherosunday on TOYSREVIL (circa 2011)

Back in 2011, I had "recruited" a team of illustrators (dubbed #TeamIllo) to help illustrate a series of "Top Ten" lists I'd made - specifically related to "VILLAINS", done for my #superherosunday (dedicated weekend geekery on the blog :p), for which two features were published: TOP TEN COMIC-BOOK VILLAINS IN CHIBI FORM and TOP TEN COMIC BOOK VILLAINS BY NICK TALBOT X TEAM ILLO.

The theme was to depict the characters (*which were chosen by readers, actually) as "CHIBI" and "ANIME/MANGA" styles (respectively). Featured below where my contributions, done predominantly to plug missing artists actually (#truestory)...

(BLOGGED #onTOYSREVIL / Instagrammed)

Included here are snaps of my initial penciled and inked doodles, for which I'd then digitally photographed (noticed the shitty darkness of my cameraphone resolution :p), THEN digitally colored in photoshopped (*I had no scanner than, and I STILL DON'T now hahahahaha), with the result ironically being a few of my finished fully colored projects to show for, through the years LOL


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