#urbandoodlesg Day 1

I have been contemplating "urban sketching" for some time now, but always never could start... besides the fear of lacking in standard being in urban sketch groups (hence never joined any), but at the same time realising I needed to get out of my bedroom (:p) somewhen and get some sun on my sedentary adult ass! LOL

As close as I was to get out of the house finally (found a friend to sketch together), alas recent circumstance/weather did not serve the situation... but today (Saturday) I needed to get out there, while the sun was shining! At the very least the playground space underneath my flat/house? LOL

Picked out a spot underneath a shaded pavilion (hey! I spent over an hour video-filming under the hot-sun, okay? :p), and chose my field of visual reference ... and this was what I did ...

A loooong way to go, I know! LOL But somewhat "achieved", at the least for "starting" ... the thing is, I have been "exclusively" only doing "character design / anatomical" doodles for decades, in addition to interior design sketches - borne of "career"/job, moreso than "leisure", but realising in recent years - since I got out of the ID and even TV+film-design scene/industries, I hardly do any "perspectives" or any indication of space ... and I think it's high time I get back into the groove, at the very least for varieties' sake, with the aim to go beyond said-anatomical doodles (for which I dare not even aim to be anywhere "good" OMG hahahaha). Well, that's the aim anyways ...

Bringing back the doodle home, I could not help feeing that it looked absolutely lacking in depth and contrast, gnawingly, actually (LOL), so I'd decided to "cheat" by adding in greys (from recently purchased marker pens from Daiso - which mimicked Copic markers!) ... and this was the final result:

Hardly the "best", but at the very least I "started", which since I recovered from Stroke in 2010 - which affected my drawing (right) hand - better to "start" than to not (be able to) do it at all, until it is "taken away from you", ya know? Nothing so "dire" now, just happening to be able to continue drawing/doodling on :)

I've since added/started a new hashtag on Instagram to track/trace my endeavours: #urbandoodlesg :)



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