My Merlion-Kaiju & Merlion-Merman for #5x53sg #draw53sg

So in the midst of prepping for my own contributions to #draw53sg (A Doodle project to celebrate Singapore's 53rd Birthday, as featured on my TOYSREVIL-blog on August 9th), I - of course being the usual "wannabe" - had wanted to do a "side project", essentially titled "#5x53sg" - where I had wanted to draw five things specific to Singapore and my interactions with Singapore, one of whom was the "Merlion" (the half-lion half-fish" icon /mascot for SG), which I had hoped to do a "KAIJU" version of (!) ... the result of which was THIS:

Hardly what I had imagined (and trust me, I "imagine" pretty grand hahahaha), and alas a mutated sliver of a shadow of what I had intended! Would've made more sense to draw a dioramic background, with the giant kaiju Merlion appearing up from the water-front, and starring down the miniature statue at One Fullerton ... but my skills were not up to par (*might still give it a try one day :p)...

Slightly earlier on in the day, I'd actually sketched a Merlion/Mer-man concept (above) ... and while I liked and enjoyed the doodle (Not shy to admit :p), I was not wholly sold by the idea and put it aside in lieu of Merlion-Kaiju ... but not for long! LOL

While watching a film (or two) on the telly (*National Day specials where all cable channels are free to watch WHOO-HOO!), I struggled my interpretation of a Merlion-Merman ... on its belly (because I couldn't draw him coming out of the ocean lying on rocks :p) ...

Everything was pencil base, with brush marker and cool+warm grey markers ... and me resizing I have him a "longer" snout, which made him look more like a "werewolf" than a "lion" ~ *facepalm*

At least there's a sole realisation: That I really disliked drawing in a sketchbook, and miss doodling on individual white cards, which I really need to restock on soon... :)


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