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And in the spirit of self-promotion, I've gone and done a lil'video of my doodles for this year's INKTOBER, which as well can be viewed on Instagram hashtag; #toysrevilink2018 (For which I will always encourage artists to create your OWN hashtag on IG so you can showcase your own work, IMHO) ... Hey, I might not be illustrating for a living, but I take my hobby very seriously! :)

What I've done this year for my Inktober-attempts had been what I have tried for the past few years, actually - with dedicating shorts runs of either "THEMES" or "STYLES" in each "run". Each run averages 6 x doodles, which would make up 5 x runs (+1 "extra" doodle), which will make up 3 days of the month of October (give or take "extra" doodles :p).

The main reason being I want to keep the challenge "fresh" for myself, given my short attention span (heh), and that it would literally be FUN to draw something new different days, without the need to feel stuck or blank-out, IMHO.

I had given myself the permission to either follow the official prompt words, or choose my own, but still sticking to my 5 or 6xruns (it shouldn't be THAT easy, should it? LOL).

I had also started to record on Facebook "Live", in "real time" (instead of time-lapse, like above IG-vid), just to push myself beyond just doodling "by myself" :p

And of course, I'd create individual hashtags for them, for "easier" visual reference easily clickable on Instagram:

Day 7-12: #myfavfictionheroes
Day 13-18: #purpleballpoint
Day 19-24: #promptmen

Hope you've enjoyed my attempts this year!

Cheers and Doodle-ON!


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