#urbandoodlesg Day 2

With the "high" from yesterday's (Saturday) urbandoodlesg-attempt, I'd decided to attempt another "direction" this fine Sunday, planned after a late lunch at my neighbourhood mall "Loyang Point".

The thing about "urban sketching" I'd always imagined, was being able to find a spot where one could literally sit down, and draw - without the need to bring your own "foldable chair".

Figured out I could try a doodle at the bus-stop opposite the mall's exterior facade. Under shelter, with a decent seating (and hopefully not taking away other folks' need to sit and wait for the bus :p), or so that was the plan.

Bought myself a new clip-board (I was actually looking for a smaller board, B5, A5 size?), grabbed a seat, and discovered the violent winds which kept blowing at my pages! #OMFG

THAT and I had planned to try another way of doodling - by penciling in first, and finally inking up in red - a hark back to the first time I had been asked by my in-hospital-shrink to doodle something on paper, to which I'd wanted to berate her as I was still reeling from my master-hand being paralysed for a short duration (from Stroke in 2010, which f**ked up my entire right side of the body and limbs then), but because she was pretty and I was (and still am) a sucker for pretty faces, I attempted to draw with the red marker pen she'd brought along, and I will always remember the JOY I felt then, of being able to draw something!

So, "red pen", I thought to try ... and the result was hella disappointing and soul-crushing, I have to say! OMG! But no, I'm not stopping here! Although I am thankful for the "experience", and have to figure out a way to clasp the paper/base down in lieu of strong winds LOL



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